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Logo Design Process

What comes to mind when you are asked to name the worst logo you have ever seen?  If you’re having trouble thinking of one, that’s not surprising.

Good logos stick. Bad ones don’t.

That’s what makes designing a logo different from designing other branding materials. Web banners, ads, and social media posts each have their own design objectives, but none are as focused on being remembered as a logo.  

The Process

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1. Logo Design Questionnaire

Logo Design Questionnaire is a set of 14 questions that need to be filled out for us to kick start the brainstorming process. Your responses to the questions set the tone for the brand’s direction and is the first and foremost step in the journey of your brand.

2. Rough Versions

Most logos are monochromatic. Single colors are easier to coordinate with, and using only one color will simplify your brand’s other graphic design elements. Mono logos also can be reimagined in different colors for different purposes. 

The more you can simplify your design, the better. Complex designs are harder to remember and less likely to stick in your customer’s heads. 

3. Pick a font

  • Combining Type and Icons
  • Picking Up Best Font
  • Picking Up Font weight and style
  • Technical considerations
  • Gain feedback

4. Using multiple colours

  • Choosing colors that reflect your brand

5. Get feedbacks & Polish your winning design

We took the Quality Feedback from My Master & colleague Designers, made the suggested
revisions, and finally, our polished logo was ready



6. Delivery

    • Designed and built assets in the above- mentioned folder structure.
    • Multiple versions of logo files for digital and print purposes


    • Your colour variations folder will include the colour options available

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