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Types of Logos and How to Use Them  

Logos Are Generally Classified Into Nine Types.

Word mark logos

Word mark logos are logos that are made just from text.

A word mark logo uses the name of the company for the logo.

There are no additional elements used in word mark logos – that’s what makes them so awesome!

Nasa, ToysRUs, Google, Coca-Cola, Disney and Yahoo! are all great examples of famous word mark logos.

Letter mark logos

Letter mark logos are made up of the initials of the brand name or business.

They are text-only but they are shorter because they are just initials.

Popular examples of letter mark logos include CNN, BBC, H&M, IBM, UFC and P&G.

Pictorial logos

A pictorial logo is an icon or graphic symbol some brands use to represent themselves.

It’s often used separately and on its own, as a sort shorthand way to represent the brand.

Great examples of pictorial logos include Twitter’s bird, Apple’s apple, Dominoes domino, Starbucks mermaid Nike’s swoosh and the WWF’s panda.

Combination logos

A combination is a logo that is a joining together of a word mark and a pictorial logo.

These types of logos are quite common in modern branding and are also useful if you want to use the pictorial logo separately.

Pizza Hut, Lacoste, AirBnB, Slack, Microsoft and Rolex are all great examples of combination logos.

Dynamic logos

Dynamic logos are logos that change their appearance to suit different themes or topics.

Generally speaking, a dynamic logo keeps its main structure but changes its colors, textures or ways of being rendered.

Famous examples of dynamic logos include the MTV logo and the Google Doodles logo.

Responsive logos

A responsive logo is a logo that adapts to its environment.

For example your logo could appear on product packaging, then a stationary letterhead, then a desktop website, then a mobile app or a smart watch.

On each of these different mediums your logo will adapt and respond to look it’s best.

Above are some great examples of responsive logos in action including Kodak, Levi’s, Nike, Heinz and Guinness.

Mascot Logos

Mascot logos are what they sound like – logos that are primarily dominated by mascots, or illustrated characters that are cartoon-like and fun. This type of logo is a strong brand spokesperson, as it often acts as the “brand ambassador” of a business. 

What your mascot actually is completely depends on you and the message you want to send to your audience; some elect to go with mythical creatures and abstract beings, while others choose a more realistic figure to speak for their brand. 

You can use inanimate objects, like a talking clock, or cartoonized versions of regular people (think the Wendy’s logo) – anything is fair game!  

Abstract Logos

Abstract is a visual language of form, shape, color, and line. … In logo design, the abstract can be in the form of simple symbols or icons that are creative, impressive, conveys a unique message and triggers a person’s curiosity. Brands in the tech industry use this kind of style a lot.

Emblem Logos

An emblem logo consists of font inside a symbol or an icon; think badges, seals and crests. These logos tend to have a traditional appearance about them that can make a striking impact, thus they are often the go-to choice for many schools, organizations or government agencies.

Fonts Inside A Shape Logos

These types of logos usually have a name depicted in various different shapes like square, rectangles, ovals and more. You can find many brands using such these kind of logos design which comprising a name inside a shape such as — Levi’s, Ford, Samsung, MasterCard and many more

Bottom Line

When it comes to deciding a logo for your brand, imagination is the limit.  One of the best things you can do when picking a logo for your brand is to see different types of logos. Find out logotypes that you liked the most the wordmarks, letterforms, logotypes or Abstract. Make a note of each logotype you like. Consider the message you want your logo to convey to your audience and then come to a final decision. Don’t forget to ask experts in case you have any doubts.


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